Souvenir of Sitka's Queen Mary, Inbreeding coefficient = 0 %
Nordic Dreamer Of Lapland Polarlights, black & white, 20/09/2017, HD-A ED-0 CAT0 PN clear Dystrophie cornéenne
Black Kodiak of Mountain Pack, REC, black & white, 12/09/2006, HD-A ED-0Souvenir of Sitka's Artic Lady Killer, CHCS REC, grey & white, 14/10/2003, HD-AAtanik's Kuskokwim Incognito, Elite A Champion Lux LSP, black & white, 18/01/1998, OFA HD Excellent
Souvenir of Sitka's Something Blue, Lux Ch, grey & white, 23/10/2001, HD-A
Souvenir of Sitka's Bloody Mary, REC, grey & white, 10/10/2004, HD-A ED-0Tomawak du Souffle d'Autan, REC CHCSInt/Lux Ch, grey & white, 01/02/2002, HD-A
Souvenir of Sitka's Special Song, REC Ch travail, grey & white, 23/10/2001, HD-A
Souvenir of Sitka's Grace Kelly, Rec, black & white, 12/10/2009, HD-A ED-0Nordiclight's Dark Frost Tu, AMA seal & white, 04/07/2006Najanin's Eager Felix, Nor Ch, wolf gray & white, 25/12/1994
Nordiclight's Nova, WPD WTDX ROMWD ROMWDA ROMWDX, black & white, 27/03/2000, OFA HD Good Elbows Normal
Souvenir of Sitka's Dale N' Vale, black & white, 11/10/2006, HD B ED0Souvenir of Sitka's Artic Hero, Ch Nat Tr, grey & white, 14/10/2003, HD-A
Souvenir of Sitka's Special Song, REC Ch travail, grey & white, 23/10/2001, HD-A
Souvenir of Sitka's Mary Igloo Flo, grey & white, 12/11/2015, HDA ED0
Toolik's Back To The Future, REC, grey & white, 18/05/2011, HD-B ED-0 PN clearSno Klassic Above The Rim, BISS Am/ Can Ch ROM, grey & white, 17/10/1996, OFA HD ExcellentNanukes Lockport Louie, Am Ch ROM, grey & white, 17/04/1993, OFA HD Good
Sno Klassic Chenega Kaniksu, seal & white, 30/03/1993, OFA HD Good
Wencinja's Dream A Little Dream, grey & white, 06/09/2007, HD-A PN clearWencinja's Intl Man O Mystry, AM INT CH, grey & white, 13/09/2002, OFA Good PN clear
Moonsnoe Wencinja's Serendipity, Ch, black & white, 21/04/2003, HD Good Cerf Normal
Snowolf Black Ice Heatwawe, gray & white, 26/04/2010, HD A CAT0(15)Black Ice's High Voltage, CH, gray & white, 12/07/2003Misty Pak's Gonnawanna Mush, gray & white, 11/11/1997, HD Exc Cerf Normal
Black Ice's Winter Frost, AMA black & white, 01/09/1999
Hyteton Tebo Miss Magnum, wolf gray & white, 23/07/2007Snowolf Long Island T, MBVISS, wolf gray & white, 19/01/2004
Cinneli Kic-Bolu, wolf gray & white, 27/12/2000